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Nest - 10-Piece Play + Build construction set

Get ready to inspire your kid's imagination.   Imagine a fort, spaceship, teahouse, bridge, cave -  Sealy Nest is the ultimate imagination builder.  It even makes the perfect kids sofa for gaming, reading, doing homework or watching TV.  And even more, the Sealy Nest can be a mattress for those sleep overs.

Consisting of 2 trapezoidal pillows, 2 rounded cushions, 2 rectangular cushions, a thick folding mat and a thin folding mat, this 10-piece children's toy set can be easily reconfigured into a sofa, a tunnel, a fort, a car, a tent, a slide, a bed lounge or anything that your kids can imagine.

More than just for fun, this modular sofa set will inspire child's unlimited creativity, imagination, logical capability and other potentials while reduces screen time. What's better, parents can spend quality time and building stronger relationships with their children by joining this fun activity.

Every surface is treated with family-friendly SurfaceGuard® so the little messes that do occur can be easily wiped clean. The surface is also anti-microbial to ensure long lasting, clean fun. 

For over 140 years, millions of customers have depended on the support, comfort and durability of Sealy products as a brand they can trust. Our design has you in mind, so you know your mattress is just right the first time, every time.


  • 10-piece kids modular play sofa set for endless fun.
  • Stimulates creativity, imagination, motor skills, and logic.
  • Cushions can be easily moved with a practical handle.
  • Offers various free combinations for kids' imagination.
  • Machine-washable fabric and smooth zippers for easy cleaning.
  • Convenient carrying / positioning handles on larger cushions
  • Made from durable foam and child-friendly materials.
  • Perfect gift for kids.
  • Features Surface-Guard Technology™, protecting the mattress surface from common allergens and bacteria so you can rest easy.
  • Cooling gel distributes heat to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature.
  • Simply unfold the foam matt on the floor in any room for a comfortable night's sleep.
  • Conveniently Shipped - Our patented technology allows our Nest matt/cushions be efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door.


Model#  SealyNest
Compressed Yes
# of Boxes 1
Package Weight Compressed 22.0 lbs
CUFT Compressed 3.7
Load  688
Package Size 38.8"X12.8"X12.8""
4-Color Printed Box Yes
Mattress Height 4"


Product Size (10-Piece)

Folding Mat (4) 33
33 4
Round Pillow (2) 13 13 4
Rectangular Pillow (2) 33 8 8
Triangle Pillow (2) 25 16 14



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      Stimulates creativity, imagination, motor skills, + logic.

      Sealy FLiP® Multi-Purpose Mats

      For 140 years, Sealy® has innovated systems focused on creating advanced support

      Wherever you go and whatever you do, use the Sealy Foldable Tri-Fold Matt for the sleep you love. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this tri-fold matt is the ideal solution for sleeping, sitting, playing or wherever your imagination takes you. 

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