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FLiP® Yoga Multi-Purpose Matt

Sealy® Multi Purpose Matt

Get the most out of your workout, while ensuring comfort, stability, and well-being with the Sealy FLiP® Yoga Mat. This mat features double slip resistant surfaces, offers superior impact absorption and relief, a carry strap for convenience, and at 1/2" thickness, is thick enough to protect your elbows, knees and joints from the hard floor. Constructed from durable and long lasting PVC foam, this mat is ideal for all types of yoga, Pilates, floor exercising and is even perfect as a sleeping pad while camping or travelling.  Sealy FLiP® Yoga mat is a 73" by 24" by 1/2" solid yoga mat.


  • An excellent all round exercise mat.  This product can be worked together with a barbell, dumbbell, resistant band, and all other exercise equipment. It is perfect for improving overall health or encouraging weight loss. It also helps strengthen the upper body, core muscles, and lower body.
  • Non-slip-safe design: the slip-resistant material allows you to feel safe and be worry-free while doing your workout. Both sides of the mat had applied an anti-skid coat for a better standing experience. So, you can do exercise and avoid injuries or accidents.
  • Heavy-duty & durable: our mat is made with industrial-grade PVC foam which has better elasticity and lasts longer. It is heavy-duty and durable that protects your fitness equipment and floor surfaces from scratches. The water-resistance feature greatly extends the mat's useful life.
  • Roll up space saver & easy clean up: to store away, simply roll your mat up and store away anywhere when not in use. Clean up is also easy: just wipe off with a towel or clean with soap and water, then leave it air dry.
  • Available in Natural Rubber Latex, Lavender-Infused and Gel-Infused memory foam material options.


Model#  Memory Foam Lavender Latex
Hand Carry


# of Boxes 1
1 1
Package Weight Hand Carry 4.4 lbs
Package Weight Compressed 4.4 lbs
CUFT Hand Carry / Compressed 5.8 / 6.9

Load HC / COMP 418 / 360

Origin China
Mattress Width 24"
Mattress Length 71"
Mattress Height 0.2"


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