Our Team

Our Team is committed to delivering unparalleled service, underpinned by America's top mattress brand. 

Abbi Kanthasamy

Chief Executive Officer


Abbi began his career in 1998 at Lifestyle Solutions Inc., a furniture manufacturer based in San Jose, California. Holding the position of Senior Vice-President of Product Development and Manufacturing until 2014, he played a crucial role in steering the company's product design and manufacturing processes.

Following this period, Abbi transitioned to leadership roles, including CEO positions, where he continued to exhibit a focused and strategic approach to business development. His work as an inventor, particularly in leveraging Tempur-Pedic materials for new furniture designs, resulted in the formation of a venture that now distributes its products across 21 countries.

Jerry Peter

Senior Vice President, Operations


Jerry Peters, with two decades of expertise in the furniture industry, commenced his journey at Bheema Resources, honing the art of furniture sourcing. 

Since 2014, he has been associated with Tarun Group of Companies and is now the Senior Vice President of the group where he continues to shape the landscape of the furniture sector, driving innovation and excellence.

Frank Rinella

Vice President, Sales 


Frank Rinella is an accomplished professional who currently holds the position of Vice President of Sales at Sealy Furniture. 

With an impressive track record spanning over 17 years in the global furniture sales industry, Frank has demonstrated his expertise and leadership by working in reputable organizations like Palliser Interiors and Sealy Sofa Convertibles.

Simon Jervis

Vice President, Product Development & Marketing


Simon started his career in the furniture & mattress industry more than 25 years ago with Tempur+Sealy specializing in marketing.

Simon is a passionate and accomplished leader focused on driving revenue and profit through winning sales & marketing strategies. Expertise in brand leadership, product development, e-commerce and strategic B2B retail partnerships.

Yathun Mohan

Director of Business Development


Yathun Mohan is the Director of Business Development at Sealy Furniture. He brings more than 7 years of experience in the furniture industry, working with clients to manage day to day business and navigate change in today’s market, building value for retailers and consumers. 

Yathun has deep experience of brand leadership, contingency planning, cost optimization and product development.  

Violeta Osadcenco

Customer Service Director


Violeta is the Customer Service Director at Sealy Furniture. From crafting pre-sale materials to ensuring post-sale satisfaction, Violeta embody an integral commitment to the customer journey. 

Detailed-oriented and result driven, Violeta enhances brand visibility and contributes to achieving growth for the clients and the company.